Welcome to Our Store

AquaLumine™ Pure Living Water is available for purchase exclusively from
AquaLumine LLC. For freshness and purity, our pristine spring water is packaged 
at the source in specially designed BPA-free 5-gallon dispensing containers
that are largely recyclable at curbside.

The cost of AquaLumine™ is $60 per 5-gallon unit. Five gallons is a 10-15 day
supply of drinking water for a typical person.

Explorer Trial Purchase - three 5-gal units
  This option available one time only
$ 180.00
Voyager Subscription
  Entitles you to lifetime water purchases – currently $60 per 5 gal
$ 60.00

NOTE: Orders must be picked up in Portland at our distribution facility or at an AquaLumineTM Community meeting. Contact us for special arrangements.