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AquaLumine™ Pure Living Water is available for purchase exclusively from
AquaLumine LLC. For freshness and purity, our pristine spring water is packaged 
at the source in specially designed BPA-free 5-gallon dispensing containers
that are largely recyclable at curbside.

The cost of AquaLumine™ is $60 per 5-gallon unit. Five gallons is a 10-15 day
supply of drinking water for a typical person.

Become a Voyager Subscriber (one-time fee)
  (entitles you to lifetime water purchases – currently $60 per 5 gal)
$ 60.00
Purchase water in 5-gal units (3-unit minimum) $ 60.00 $0

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This Subscriber Agreement (“Agreement”) is made between AQUALUMINE LLC (“ALLC”), a company registered in the State of Oregon, and the Voyager Subscriber (“Voyager”).

The Terms and Conditions of this Agreement are as follows:

1. The one-time subscriber fee is $60.00. Payment of the subscriber fee establishes Voyager Subscriber status, and thereby entitles Voyager to purchase up to eight hundred eighty (880) 5-gallon units of AquaLumine™ Pure Living Water per calendar year at the prevailing unit price as of the date of order, and depending on availability. Subscriber fee is non-refundable.

2. All purchases of AquaLumine™ Pure Living Water are final and non-refundable. Purchases may not be returned to ALLC.

3. Each 5-gallon unit of AquaLumine™ Pure Living Water weighs approximately 45 pounds. Voyager shall make arrangements for any assistance advisable and required to safely lift, load, transport, or otherwise move the units.

4. Voyager acknowledges that ALLC makes no claims about benefits or effects that may occur from consuming AquaLumine™ Pure Living Water. Each individual rightly assesses any benefits or effects for themselves based upon direct personal experience.

5. Voyager hereby releases, indemnifies, and holds harmless ALLC, its agents, employees, and ALLC principals from any responsibility or liability for injuries or damage of any kind that Voyager, others assisting Voyager, or others with whom Voyager may share AquaLumine™ Pure Living Water, may incur in lifting or otherwise moving the 5-gallon units or using AquaLumine™ Pure Living Water in any form or manner.

6. Voyager shall not sell any quantity of AquaLumine™ Pure Living Water under the name AquaLumine™ Pure Living Water or any other name.

7. Violation of the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement may result in the termination by ALLC of Voyager Subscriber status, without refund of subscriber fee.

8. Voyager acknowledges that AquaLumine™ Pure Living Water is naturally sourced spring water that contains naturally occurring minerals, some of which may settle over time and produce a slight cloudiness in the water as a normal process that does not impact its fitfulness for consumption.

Revised March 1, 2015

IMPORTANT: ALLC does not ship orders. Except for orders of half- and full-truckloads, orders must be picked up at our Portland-area distribution facility.

I have read, understand and agree to the Terms and Conditions stated above

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