The AquaLumine™ community takes seriously its responsibilities to the planet and to our companion species. The source of AquaLumine™ is located in the Pacific Northwest and the great majority of AquaLumine™ Pure Living Water is provided to people in our region to limit the environmental impact of transportation.


We have made a commitment not to use plastic bottles for AquaLumine™ Pure Living Water. Though more expensive, we have gone the extra mile to source specially made non-leaching BPA-free mylar 5 gallon containers for shipping and dispensing at home and office. Other water companies employ single serving plastic bottles, or the typical 5 gallon plastic bottles which are used on average only five times and often end up in landfills. The majority of our container system is recyclable at curbside in most areas. We can also share some ideas with you about how the container components can be put to new uses.


The sole source of AquaLumine™ is an ancient spring in an isolated and remote location in the Pacific Northwest. Thus the spring is far removed from any industry, farming, significant vehicle traffic, fuel and waste pipelines, and population areas that could serve as sources of spills, pollutants and potential contaminants to the spring. The bottling of AquaLumine™ is in full compliance with all applicable FDA and state regulations.