You'll Love Our Water

Naturally Pure

AquaLumine™ is bottled just as it springs from deep underground, naturally filtered and of pristine quality and superb taste.

Life Giving

Many people experience enhanced vitality, and animals and plants are seen to thrive, when they drink AquaLumine™.

Light Infused

Sunlight energizes the unique structure of AquaLumine™, and some have reported a phenomenal and lasting sparkle in the water.


Nestled in a remote valley in the Pacific Northwest is a little-known spring with exceptional qualities. Long renowned for its healing waters by many generations of the local native peoples, this sacred spring yields precious gifts to those who protect it and to those who receive the water with gratitude and an open heart. This remarkable water is known as AquaLumine™.


Many people have reported an observable sparkle within the water when exposed to sunlight. Many have reported a sense of well-being and clarity after consuming the water with gratitude and sincere healing intent, which some describe as an experience of inner illumination. The word "lumine" is an Old English word synonymous with "illumine", and means "fill with light", "shine upon", and "enlighten". Such descriptions are therefore appropriate for the water known as AquaLumine™.


Some researchers theorize that when a sparkle is observed within AquaLumine™ it may be due to sunlight uniquely energizing the water, perhaps in combination with microcrystalline minerals naturally present in the water. We know of no other water that exhibits this sparkle phenomenon, and research is continuing to better understand it.

Unlike typical drinking water that is treated by various filtering and chemical disinfection processes, Nature delivers high purity AquaLumine™ directly from the Earth. AquaLumine™ undergoes high-pressure distillation in volcanic geologic structures deep within the Earth and is naturally structured, remineralized and alkalized as it slowly travels to the surface where it emerges as a spring of exceptional purity.

Those who protect the sacred spring and who bring AquaLumine™ to the people of Earth are spiritually conscious and dedicated to the healing of our planet and all humanity. While ignorance, arrogance, greed and self-centered thinking have resulted in actions that have inflicted terrible damage to the Earth and hardships to the human race and our companion species, we see hopeful signs that indicate millions of people across the globe are awakening from the sleep of Separation and electing to join in the Healing Transformation. We feel strongly that AquaLumine™ is an invaluable gift with a role to play in bringing about healing on multiple levels.


Our understanding and experience of the gift known as AquaLumine™ enlightens the simple yet profound awareness that is brought to the water prior to consuming or topically applying it. We have found the water most beneficial when consumed at a rate of eight 8-ounce servings per day, and when its use is immediately preceded by a few simple actions.

  • Pour AquaLumine™ into a clear glass.
  • Expose the water-filled glass to sunlight (ideal) or daylight for a few minutes, if possible.
  • Hold the water-filled glass in your hands.
  • Express aloud your heartfelt gratitude for this water.
  • Speak your healing intention aloud to the water.
  • Drink the water, or topically apply the water, consciously and gratefully.

Intriguing research by numerous scientists around the world has demonstrated that water may have the inherent capacity to be imprinted with information and intention. While such theories are difficult to prove conclusively, there is much intuitive wisdom and practical experience to support these theories.


The biological sciences tell us that the human body is over 70% water by mass, and due to their small size, water molecules comprise over 99% of the total molecules in our bodies. Moreover, cellular processes are entirely dependent on the water present throughout our bodies. Thus water is intimately involved in our health and aging processes, and many scientists believe that the qualities in the water we consume have a direct influence over cellular health, function, and longevity.

Anecdotal reports from a large number of individuals, including individuals in an organized experimental focus group, indicate that AquaLumine™ may provide exceptional benefits. Many people who consume the water report a wide range of health benefits that they attribute to drinking AquaLumine and, in some cases, topical application of AquaLumine™. Many people also report "supersensory" experiences, including vivid and lucid dreams, enhanced telepathy, frequent synchronicities, profound spiritual connection and guidance during meditation and prayer, and insights from higher orders of intelligence. Some also report the dropping away of disharmonious addictive behaviors, often without conscious intent or effort. Such reports are highly personal and subjective. AquaLumine LLC makes no claims about these or any other reports or effects, and makes no attempt to independently verify such reports. Each individual rightly assesses any benefits for themselves based on direct personal experience of AquaLumine™.

Now after nearly 20 years of research and practical experience of its beneficial use, this precious gift is being offered to the world. We invite you to make AquaLumine™ part of your everyday life, and we look forward to hearing of your experiences.